Max Clausen: Blog en-us (C) Max Clausen (Max Clausen) Mon, 28 Sep 2020 21:14:00 GMT Mon, 28 Sep 2020 21:14:00 GMT Max Clausen: Blog 80 120 Weekend of September 24-27 Current protests I'm planning on attending/have attended:

9/24: [2PM-5PM] Breonna Taylor's Memorial in Terra Linda at the intersection of Las Gallinas Ave and Manuel T. Freitas in San Rafael, CA.

Notes: Prior to arriving, a man attempted to mop up the chalk mural on the street and walls using a broom and mop bucket, attacked the protest organizer, then knocked over and destroyed equipment. While I was there, a good number of cars passing by honked in support with maybe a dozen angry 'locals' shouting at us, theough some could have been the same car returning several times. After I left, the man from earlier arrived to clean up the memorial again and pulled a pistol on those who confronted him before leaving.


9/25: [3PM] "End Police Terror in Novato", from the Novato Library to the Novato Police Department in Novato, CA.


[6PM] "Demand Justice for Breonna Taylor", from Montecito Plaza to the SR Police Department in San Rafael, CA.


9/26: [11AM-4PM] "Trap the Vote Block Party", Rocky Graham Park in Marin City, CA. Speakers: Berry Accius, George Galvis, Devlin Braswell, Amber Allen-Peirson, Dr. Lori A. Watson, Bishlam Bullock, Paul Austin, Danee Black.

9/27: [2PM-8PM] Interviewing and covering local protests for the Anchor-outs of Richardson Bay in Sausalito, CA.



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